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3 Unique and Cool Bluetooth Gadgets

unique and cool bluetooth gadgets

There are several Bluetooth devices available in the market. They come in many products such as tablets, speakers, watches, and speakers. Generally, the Bluetooth devices work on a principle whereby a wireless network is created between devices such as phones and computers. According to our wireless expert, some of the top Bluetooth gadgets available in the market include; the PoGo Mobile Printer, Kensington Vo200 Bluetooth Internet Phone, and the Interlink Electronics VP6600 ExpressCard Media Remote.

mobile printer
Taking snapshots is easier than ever with your cell phone. With this Bluetooth device, you are able to put all your snaps on a sheet of paper without the use of a cable. It weighs approximately 8 ounces. It does not use toner or ink as it uses the Zink technology. It uses a paper that is made up of cyan, yellow, and crystals from magenta powered by the printer. What makes it a refreshing Bluetooth device is its speed in printing a picture. It takes a minute to print an image. It has an incredible battery performance. It features a 450 million amp hour battery which can print 15 pictures. With this device, you will not just get ordinary photos but photos with an adhesive backing and semi-gloss finish. The images printed can be used to make name badges. Despite all its great features, it is a wish from most customers that the prints were bigger, though it would mean that it would not be portable as it is. It’s available on Amazon for around $75. A similar product made by Kodak, but with WiFi retails for $99 on Amazon.

bluetooth internet phone
The Kensington Vo200 Bluetooth Internet Phone is another cool Bluetooth gadget. It weighs an ounce and only 0.2 inches thick, therefore making it one of the lightest and smallest handsets around. It only takes you 15 minutes for to install the software and set it up in your notebook. Kensington Vo200 Bluetooth Internet Phone has an excellent audio quality more than the VoIP wireless phones which cost thrice as much. Despite it not having a battery gauge, the Vo200 Bluetooth Internet Phone can run for two and half hours of a call. What makes the Vo200 Bluetooth Internet Phone a cool Bluetooth device, is its ability to use a PC card slot as a storing and charging slot. With this feature, Kensington Vo200 Bluetooth Internet Phone is ready for use whenever you want. Apart from its enticing features, it lacks a keypad and its flimsy; therefore you are required to use notebook’s keyboard to dial calls.



bluetooth remote


The Interlink Electronics VP6600 Media Remote is another cool device with Bluetooth, that is smaller than a business card and weighs an ounce with the ability to control a PowerPoint presentation. On Amazon for less than $20, setting up the VP6600 Media Remote only takes a minute. The VP6600 media remote comes gives you an edge when presenting in a big room as it can run for more than three hours. VP6600 media remote has the ability to control popular entertainment software and can store and charge in ExpressCard slot. Apart from its enticing features, it turns it to sleep mode if it stays idle for 30 minutes and also lacks lights to tell you if it’s paired or has power.
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