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Best Deals Under $5 With Free Shipping – Happy Now?

5 dollar deals

In this day and age, when everything is so expensive, what can you really get for $5. In fact, what can you really buy for LESS than $5 that is also good! This Five Dollar should be the total price, including shipping (or free shipping), otherwise it doesn’t really cost $5, does it? So we searched many places for you, including Amazon (which does have some nice stuff) but the best deals we found were on AliExpress!

$5 deals

They have it all. From gadgets, fashion accessories, stuff for your car, truck, bike or any vehicle to toys for kids, games and loads of other cool stuff! Every item is on discount (meaning, it usually costs more than $5 but you can get it for $5 or less for a limited time). Only the best rated sellers are selected and only deals from last 30 days are included (meaning they are Fresh!). So don’t waste your time and check out what cool stuff AE has to offer you for less than $5!

Click Here To Go To Aliexpress’ $5 Deal Page

Enjoy! Do tell us in your comments what did you buy and how was it (the quality, delivery time etc etc). You might get lucky and get a surprise from us too! 🙂

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