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Finally, a Talking Waterproof Watch for the Visually Impaired or Blind


We at AreYouHappyAtWork (AYHAW) received a lot of queries for a talking watch that is waterproof as well. There are a lot of talking watches which are ‘water resistant’, that is, small splashes or sweat won’t harm it, but you can’t wash your hands, take a shower or go swimming while wearing it.

I am a very forgetful person, so water resistant watches are a big no-no for me. I’ve tried many such timepieces but most either stop working due to exposure to water or I forget to wear them after taking them off, and they get lost. I’ve searched almost every watchmaker and online stores; from Amazon, TomTom, Chinavision to Aliexpress but didn’t find a watch that was waterproof as well as helpful for visually impaired people, until now that is. I just came across a new watch from SKMEI called S Shock.

SKMEI S Shock Talking Watch - Military green camouflage, Shockproof, Waterproof upto 30M (3 bar)SKMEI S Shock Talking Watch – Military, Shockproof, Waterproof up to 30M (3 bar)

This is a new design, and it’s really waterproof. The strap/band is made from rubber, and its length is 26cm. You can swim with it, go to snorkelling and it won’t stop working. It comes in 4 colours (I like the camouflage green one, pictured above) and has all the features a regular watch has besides speaking the time aloud when you want to. For e.g. LED backlight to see the time in dark, Alarm clock, Chronograph, and a Stopwatch. The only precautions the makers recommend in not pressing any button when inside water. It retails for around $18 but you can buy it right now at a huge discount of 45%, i.e., the price right now is around $10 with free worldwide shipping!

The only downside to this watch is its design. It’s primarily designed for men and is a bit bulky for women to carry around all day. Although I have seen women wearing similar watches (mostly athletes), I am not sure if this design would fly with the ladies.

Features of waterproof talking watch for blind

There are many other talking watches with beautiful designs for ladies, but none of them is waterproof. They are only water resistant and will go poof anytime water comes near it!

I highly recommend this watch for visually impaired people, male or female. It can be worn 24/7, and you don’t have to take it off while showering and its battery will last for a couple of years easily (unless you have fidgety hands and you keep pressing the light or talk button after every 10 seconds).

Check out some of the pictures below.

Backlight feature in water proof clock for visually impaired SKMEI details of talking watch for blind music alarms in talking clock for blind  sporty watch full waterproof for blind

clear LED for visually impaired of talking watch Details of waterproof talking watch for blind

If you do end up ordering it, do tell us your comments and reviews, and if possible send us some pictures, and we’ll feature them on our website and social media 🙂

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