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Turn Your Android/iPhone Smartphone’s Charging Port Into A Magsafe Magnetic Port

Do tell us if youHow many times have you tried to put your phone on charge, only to get the side of the cable wrong! Especially when you are not really paying attention. Even when you are looking, I am sure you often mess up, at least I do. Statistically, there is a 50% chance of getting it wrong on the first try, if you are not looking, but I think its actually much higher! Cause 9 out of 10 times I fail to put it in properly.

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Hence, I was really ecstatic when I came across Micro USB Magnetic Charger Cable (I own an Android, and before you say anything, is MUCH better than an iPhone. I know cause I have used one). Though one is even available for the Apple’s iPhone. What is does it, a small adapter is attached to the phone’s port, and you just leave it there. It’s tiny and hardly noticeable. So the next time you want to charge your phone or connect it to your laptop/computer, just bring the cable near the adapter (any side!), and it’ll just stick to the adapter on the phone. That’s it! Magnetic Magic! No need to worry about which side you are attaching, no need to ‘locate’ the charging port if its dark, because as soon as you bring the cable near the port, it’ll get attracted and voila! You Have Power!  See the GIF below for example.


I really hope it makes you happy!  🙂 Especially when you had a bad day at work, and you come home, your smartphone is almost dead, you jump on the bed and reach for the charger on the side table AND the cable easily gets attached in the first attempt without any hassle! Not only is it smart, but its also very cool. The best part? It’s DIRT CHEAP! Yeah, if you buy it from the official MagSafe company, it might set you back $15, but hey, why pay so much when you can get a 1.5m cable for less than $5 including FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! If you want the shorter 1m version, it’ll only cost $2.5 total! Now that should make you happy! 😆

Get It From AliExpress – $2.5 – $4.5 with free worldwide shipping

Get It From Amazon – $5.5 – Free shipping in the US with Prime

Magnet charging cable

Get It From AliExpress – $2.5 – $4.5 with free worldwide shipping

Get It From Amazon – $5.5 – Free shipping in the US with Prime

Enjoy! Do please tell us if you have this or bought this and what was your experience.


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